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   Issues (Eugenia's Platform)
Main Planks of the Platform:

  • Update the software to alert the taxpayer when changes are made to recorded documents (click HERE or on the photo of house under a microscope below).  The current recorder of deeds says that "it can't happen in count county." Read her own words HERE and compare them to what the FBI says.  Compare to what is happening in New Castle County by reading a letter to the editor about a case working its way through the courts.  

  • Eliminate HOA Fees (click HERE or on the blue Homeowner Associations picture below).  The current Recorder of Deeds says its not her job to try and fix this.  I disagree.  These fees are collected by the Recorder of Deeds so i will make them my business.  After learning more about why we should eliminate these fees, click HERE to read in the incumbent's own words how little she understands about the issue or that the law allows it.  

Minor issues which are only mentioned here because Eugenia's opponent says he will follow in the incumbent's footsteps.​  We don't need another politician in this office, we need someone with experience to do the job right.

  • Possible violations of Kent County Code of Ethics, ignoring the administrative rules regarding prohibition on conducting politician campaign activities during the work day, and even disobeying the smoking rules  by the incumbent Recorder of Deeds.  (Click HERE or on the picture of the word, "integrity" below.)

  • The Recorder of Deeds is NOT responsible for validating the data they record (click HERE or on the photo of the cover of the Uniform Real Property Electronic Recording Act, below).  This will be the case if I am elected or not; the only difference would be that I will try to educate the public to this fact so they will understand the importance of them learning to check documents for themselves. This is part of my HOUSE STEALING speech now and once I am elected, I will put articles in the Kent County Newsletter about this and other matters.

House Stealing (Title Fraud)
HB 279P Increased Real Estate Transfer Fees
Fixing, Replacing or Removing Broken Equipment in the Professional Area of the Deeds Office.
"It is not the Recorders responsibility to ensure the accuracy or legality of the documents themselves, except in so far as they qualify to be recorded.  Security for that lies outside the score of recording." p 50
To learn more, mouse over the photo of the report, above.
Are you paying too much for your HOA fee?  Is there something the Kent County Recorder of Deeds could do?

YES!  Eliminate Recording Fees for HOA, and other "common use" organizations.  

Click on the photo, right, to learn more and see what Eugenia would do if elected.
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