Kent County Recorder of Deeds
Eugenia won her election and was sworn in on Jan 3, 2023.  

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She does not have a re-election committee.  
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Potential violations of Rules and Ethics
The incumbent Kent County Recorder of Deeds, Ms. McKenna, served as the Kent County Recorder of Deeds for two decades.  With all this experience, Ms. McKenna should know it is a violation of County rules to conduct political campaign business during County office hours when she should be working for all the people of Kent County.  

To read the Code of Ethics and the personnel policies that prohibit all forms of political influence in hiring and firing and conducting political campaign business during office hours, please click the link, Integrity, below. 

We have two sources suggesting she is in violation of these important rules:

  • One source is a statement by two people who observed her at 2pm on Sept 19, 2018 giving out her political lawn signs when the Recorder of Deeds office was supposed to be open for county taxpayer's business.  

  • The other source is Ms. McKenna herself who published a flyer, which you can review by clicking the photo of the fundraiser letter, below. In this letter, she instructs her supporters to drop off items for her political fundraiser at the Deeds office.

My opponent says "Mrs. McKenna has been shoes to fill" and he will "try his best" to do so.  On the other hand, Ms. Thornton has 27 years of government experience and therefore she knows not to conduct political business on government property during the work day.    

In addition, Ms. McKenna's ex-husband complained he could not go into her office--after she was elected Kent County Recorder of Deeds--because it smelled too much of cigarette smoke. 

That is surprising since there is no smoking in any county office.    We are attaching the Kent County smoking policy that has been in effect 19 years, below.  Click the picture of No Smoking to read it for yourself.  This policy was in full effect at the Ms. McKenna's  office is reported to have smelled strongly of smoke.

Ms. Thornton would follow all rules, including those regarding smoking.  

As an officer in the United States Army, Ms. Thornton knows you can't expect others to follow the rules if you are not willing to follow them yourself.  She will set a good example for her staff. 

Experience before Politics