Kent County Recorder of Deeds
Eugenia won her election and was sworn in on Jan 3, 2023.  

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She does not have a re-election committee.  
"Thornton was at the crash site when MG Duquemin arrived and called her over."                    --p 20
"Change arrived at the 1st infantry Division 
in the form of 2LT Eugenia Thornton, the first woman assigned to an Infantry Division. She joined because she perceived better oppor-tunity in uniform than in the civilian workforce based on her experience job hunting fol-lowing graduation from Washington College in Chestertown, Maryland.  Everywhere she went, interviewers had steered her towards "woman's work," but she had other ideas." 
--p 19
"[Dolly] tracked that bird half-way to Dover before it took wing, Clay told us later with a display of pride that comes from watching a great dog work a bird, even if it wasn't his."
"The 7th Personnel Group...linked our wartime replacement soldiers with equipment, or, where necessary, moved individual replacements forward to units where and when they were needed....AG Lieutenant Colonel Eugenia Thornton [was] meticulous in maintaining accountability and the records of those VII Corps soldiers killed in action, who died as a result of disease and non-battle injury, were wounded in action, and injured as a result of non-battle causes.  Later, the 7th was timely and thorough in reporting to Third Army the circumstances of soldier deaths caused by Fratricide."--p450
"Gene, With many thanks for your combat command in 7th Pers Group, VII Corps and your meticulous and sensitive handling of our casualty and award information. Made a difference."
  --inscribed by co-author Fred Franks 
on the Title Page

Eugenia's Dog, Quillen's Darl'n' DelMarVa Doll, is one of two dogs featured by Versatile Hunting Dog Magazine, an international publication, in its February 2017 edition.
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"To Gene, Best Wishes."
  --inscribed on the fly page by  Mr.George  H. W. Bush,President of the United States 1989 - 1993 

"No Mission too Difficult, No Sacrifice too Great; Duty First!."
  --Motto of the First Infantry Division, USA

“The “Duty First” gallery occupies the 2,500-square-foot space formerly used for temporary exhibits and programs. Inside it, visitors will learn about the different types of missions performed by the 1st Infantry Division today with the information, in many cases, delivered by the voices of military veterans. Interactive exhibits apply virtual reality technology that is sure to leave a lasting impression.”
—from the description of the gallery where 
Eugenia’s experiences as a member of one of
Army's combat units are part of The McCormick Foundation’s First Division Museum at Cantigny 
Park, Chicago

"Julia Oliver, left...stands with ...Eugenia Thornton who enlisted about 15 years after Oliver and eventually became one of the highest ranking women in the Army."
--Caption, Cecil Whig,  May 14, 2017
"After the speech ended...Thornton asked if she could wrap her arms around Julia Oliver.  Thank you so much.  Thank you so much" Thornton said quietly to her.  Then [to the crowd, pointing to Oliver,] "I was standing on the shoulders of giants."

"The evening's special guest was Jill Whelan, who played Vicki Stubing, the captain's daughter on "The Love Boat" TV Show.  Whelan meets Sen. Tom Carper, D-Del., and Gene Thornton, president of the Southern Delaware AHA board of directors..   
--Dover Post March 24, 2010
"2010 Heart Ball Another Success."
"CenDel Foundation's $2M fundraising milestone was celebrated on Sept 29 at the home of Gerry and Diane Street of Dover.  Since its founding in 2008, [CenDel]...distributed more than $2M in grants and funds to non-profits in Central Delaware."  Eugenia has already donated or pledged $15,000 to this important civic organization for the betterment of Kent County, Delaware.  
"Cendel Foundation Milestone Celebration."
--Delaware State News, Out and About, Oct 8, 2017                      
"COL Eugenia Thornton persisted through years of gender-based challenges....She was among the first group of women officers trained to lead and work with men."
--Caption, Cecil Whig,  May 14, 2017
Flyer announcing speech Eugenia gives frequently on behalf of the the Delaware Humanities Forum.  This particular speech was privately contracted by the Perryville Regional Library as part of WAC 45 Year Anniversary/Women's History observations.
Please note: the appearance of Eugenia's name and image, in or out of her military uniform, does not constitute or imply sponsorship, support or endorsement of her candidacy by the Department of Defense, the US Army, or any of the organizations or individuals shown herein, unless specifically stated.  
"Engineering Change: Techniques for effectively focusing, planning and managing organizational change."
--Marie L. Hall, Master of Engineering Thesis, 1995                   
"The battalion commander [Lieutenant Colonel Eugenia Thornton]. realized that a solution chosen by her subordinate commanders and noncomis-sioned officers, rather than one she imposed, would provoke more dedication from the entire unit."  --p15

"The direction of the battalion changed for the better and we are moving forward. ...Soldiers like this. Morale is good.  Soldiers have a sense of purpose."
--Annex Q, Junior NCO comments upon leaving [Thornton's] battalion compared serving under the previous commander.
"I'm generally not inclined to entertain any sort of vote when the community hasn't been consulted; it seems like that's the case," Planning Commissioner Gene Thornton said.   
--Dover Post Feb 11, 2011
"Kent County Planning Commission Delays Decision on Application near Jonathan's Landing in Magnolia."
"..once I began taking my dog along on [visits with my husband in the Delaware Veterans Home], the crying jags were replaced with a sense of purpose that revolves around helping others rather than wallowing in sorrow." 
--Issue #36, December 2017
"Words of Encouragement: Therapy Dog to the Rescue."
--The Gateway, national newsletter published by the Association for Frontotemporal Degeneration
"The NAVHDA has an interesting concept of judging a dog on the total package of a hunting dog, companion and pet.  Dogs are expected to locate, point, and retrieve birds while sleeping at the foot of the bed at night.  Gene [Thornton]'s prize Vizsla, Gabby, did exceptionally well scoring 110 points out of 112." 

"Traplines by George Roof."
---Dover Post, Oct 20, 2009
".Dog lovers from throughout Delmarva will gather Feb 13 and Feb 14 in Frederica to watch the Blue Heron Dog Agility Trials....Don Jagger and Gene Thornton have entered their dog, Brandy, in a number of trial events, including one in nearby Talbot County, Md. Brandy is ranked nationally in the top 10 for Agility.."
"Dog lovers get a chance to see pooches put through their paces."
--The Dover Post, Feb 5, 2010
"Gene Thornton took a minute from her busy schedule, packed with fundraisers for a local Vietnam veterans' memorial and educational programs that she attends with her dog Brandy, to explain her vote on some recent projects and tell us more about her background." 

"Newsmaker Q&A: Gene Thornton."
---Dover Post, Sept 29, 2009