Kent County Recorder of Deeds
Eugenia won her election and was sworn in on Jan 3, 2023.  

Thank you for your support!

She does not have a re-election committee.  
Eugenia joined the US Army during the Vietnam War and served  27 years of continuous active duty. Here, she is about to fly home after Operation Desert Storm, May 1991.    A trailblazer, she was the first woman to hold every job she had in her 27 year career.
After retiring in 2000, Eugenia moved to Kent County where she volunteered for many charitable,  conservation and veterans organizations (currently is president of a veterans organization). Here she is receiving a thank you from the Southern Delaware Heart Association for her 5 years as President.  In addition, Eugenia served as a Kent County Planning Commissioner for 13 years.  Currently, she represents Kent County on the Friends of the Delaware Public Archives.  The last two roles relate to the duties of Kent County Recorder of Deeds. 
(endorsement of her candidacy or party is neither expressed or implied by any 501c 3 or 501c19 organization).
  • Certified by American University in Public Records 

  • Master of Public Administration (concentration: Organizational Effectiveness)

  • 27 years experience keeping public records

  • 13 years Kent County Planning Commissioner

  • 4 years, Kent County Rep on Friends of Delaware Public Archives 
Community Leader
Experience with Records
Eugenia married LTC Donovan F. Jagger in 1976.  When Don was diagnosed with a  fatal brain disease, Eugenia shared their pain with others to promote awareness.   When she could not see him during the Pandemic, she became an advocate for all vets in the DVH.
Eugenia is certified, educated, and experienced in public records keeping.  Here Eugenia is being awarded the Horatio Gates Medallion, a medal authorized by Congress and struck by the US Mint. She was the 360th person to receive this medal since the founding of our nation.  She won it for doing a job similar to that of Kent County Recorder of Deeds, but  more complex with more than 125,000 transaction per day, and under combat conditions. Also shown, the Adjutant General of the Army, parents Dolly and Gene Thornton and husband Don Jagger. (The US Army and the Department of Defense do not endorse political candidates.) 
Experience before Politics