Kent County Recorder of Deeds
Are you paying too much for your Home Owners Association Dues?  
YES, because in Kent County, we charge recording fees for Home Owners Associations and Condo Management Documents and the like. These fees do NOT have to be charged in accordance with Delaware Law (click here to find about the law and the NCC ordinance).  

New Castle County does not charge Recording Fees for documents like:
By Laws
Elections of Officers
Maintenance Agreements for Common Areas

But Kent County does because the incumbent Kent County Recorder of Deeds said that issue was “above my pay-grade,” and that she didn’t “understand the issue.”

The issue is:  
  •  Kent County does NOT have to charge fees to HOAs and similar organizations to file their official documents unless they want to; 
  •  Charging these recording fees costs money that the HOA will just turn around and raise its Home Owners Fees to cover; 
  •  Charging these recording fees discourages HOAs and other similar organizations from recording the documents and making them public as they should be; Litigation can ensure.
  •  No offense to the incumbent, but if after four full terms in office, if she does not “understand” the issue or feels it is not something she should address, then we need a new recorder of deeds!

What I would do about it: I would petition the Levy Court Commissioners to eliminate recording fees for HOAs and similar organizations. 

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