Kent County Recorder of Deeds
Eugenia won her election and was sworn in on Jan 3, 2023.  

Thank you for your support!

She does not have a re-election committee.  
Title Fraud, ID Fraud, Mortgage Theft AKA "House Stealing"
Issue I: Equifax Security Breach 2017
"The catastrophic theft of 143 million consumers' personal data from national credit bureau Equifax could cause financial grief for years for home buyers and mortgage applicants."
--Kenneth R Harney, Washington Post, Sept 13, 2017

The Federal Trade Commission, along with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, regulates the credit arena and offers extensive guidance.  Click the links below to learn more.   Get a free Dark Web Scan from Equifax below.

Issue 2  FBI Report, March 2008 House Stealing
According to the FBI report, linked to below, House Stealing is difficult to prevent.  Vigilance on your part is highly recommended.  Red Flags include receiving payment books and/or late notices for loans for which you did not apply.  It is also recommended to routinely monitor your home's title in the Recorder of Deeds office.  Any unrecognized paperwork or fraudulent looking signature may be an indication of title fraud.  Take immediate action.  To view the FBI report, click the link..
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Experience before Politics
A great first step is to check your three credit reports free.  Click the link below and see if anyone has tampered with your accounts.
 I'd like to hear your issues and suggestions.  Please use the contact Eugenia form on the right to share them with me.
When elected, Eugenia will petition Levy Court to purchase new software to alert taxpayer when Recorder of Deeds records are being changed.