Kent County Recorder of Deeds
Too Close to Count  
Four years ago, La Mar Gunn ran for Recorder of Deeds.  He won by a few votes.  That narrow margin of victory triggered a recount, by law. Recounts continued until a Judge ruled the Governor could appoint a winner.  The Governor chose the incumbent, a person of his own party. We CANNOT LET THIS HAPPEN AGAIN!  It should not get so close that a recount is necessary! Please ask everyone you know to vote for me.

Voter Drop Off
There is something called "Voter Drop Off" meaning people will vote the "top of the ticket" and then fail to continue voting.If everyone who voted the top of the ticket had also voted for La Mar Gunn, he would have easily won!  Everyone please start from the bottom of the ticket (with the Sheriff) and then vote for me and then continue voting upwards. Remember--"I'm just one step ahead of the Sheriff!"

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