Kent County Recorder of Deeds
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Friends of Eugenia Thornton
Patrick C. Donohue, Treasurer
Feb 17: Lincoln Day Dinner.:  Introduced as a Candidate!  Treasurer Pat Donahue and wife Becky, committee members Deitmar and Rose.  Getting ready to Make Kent County ever GREATER with POTUS.
Feb 22, Reconnecting with old friends at the KCRWC and meeting new (Donyale Hall)
March 5, Whitehall Sportsmans' Club Wild Game dinner, a guest of
my good friend, Lisa.  MUSKRAT?
March 10, giving a seminar on the 12 Tips to Great Dog Training at the Delaware Outdoor Expo, Harrington.
March 16,  St Pat's Day Parade in Dover
Mar 3, with Fire Chief and EMT Chief, Frederica Fire Station (photo does does not imply endorsement)
     On the Campaign Trail 
House Stealing Speech, partisan version, to KCRWC
Mar 31: Memorial Ceremony Veterans Memorial, Dover
L to R: interviewed for Philanthropic views; support CDCC Honorary Mayor, walk in Habitat for Humainty Buildiers 5K with Dolly; Dave Lawson's Green Tie Dinner; VVA Post 850 Oyster Dinner Fundraiser.
April 21: Heart Ball benefiting Amer Heart Assoc.
May 5 Old Dover Days Parade & booth; Hops & Heritage with Dolly
Bug & Bud Fest Milford 
with Dolly
May 6:  At NASCAR with David Anderson and others.
May 7: Presentation of nonpartisan "I'll Shoot You First, Myself, One Woman's 27 Year Journey in "This Man's Army."" with Rebecca Anderson