Kent County Recorder of Deeds
Paid for by
Friends of Eugenia Thornton
Gerlinde Lancellotte, Treasurer
302 222 0601
Feb 17: Lincoln Day Dinner.:  Introduced as a Candidate!  Treasurer Pat Donahue and wife Becky, committee members Deitmar and Rose.  Getting ready to Make Kent County ever GREATER with POTUS.
Feb 22, Reconnecting with old friends at the KCRWC and meeting new (Donyale Hall)
March 5, Whitehall Sportsmans' Club Wild Game dinner, a guest of
my good friend, Lisa.  MUSKRAT?
March 10, giving a seminar on the 12 Tips to Great Dog Training at the Delaware Outdoor Expo, Harrington.
March 16,  St Pat's Day Parade in Dover
Mar 3, with Fire Chief and EMT Chief, Frederica Fire Station (photo does does not imply endorsement)
     On the Campaign Trail 
May 3: House Stealing Speech, partisan version, to KCRWC--explaining why software needs updating.
Mar 31: Memorial Ceremony Veterans Memorial, Dover
L to R: interviewed for Philanthropic views; support CDCC Honorary Mayor, walk in Habitat for Humanity 5K with Dolly; Dave Lawson's Green Tie Dinner.
April 21: Heart Ball benefiting Amer Heart Association.  With Mrs Rob Arlett.
May 5 Old Dover Days Parade & booth; Hops & Heritage with Dolly
Bug & Bud Fest Milford 
with Dolly
May 6:  At NASCAR with David Anderson and others.
May 7: Presentation of nonpartisan "I'll Shoot You First, Myself, One Woman's 27 Year Journey in "This Man's Army."" with Rebecca Anderson
May 4: At Girls Night Out, Harrington, hosted by Milford Chamber of Commerce supporting Boys and Girls Club and People's Place.
Non Partisan Speech:  "House Stealing: The Newest Crime on the Block" presented to the Milford Rotary Club on May 14 and to the Dover Rotary Club on May 21.  (NB: The use of Rotary International symbol does not imply endorsement by either club.  Rotary does not endorse any candidate.)
May 25: Arrrrr! Sponsoring a booth at the Bowers Beach Buccaneer Bash, registering voters and sharing my ideas about Recorder of Deeds.
May 8: Joining the Board of the Friends of the Delaware Public Archives as Kent County Representative.  (NB: use of Friends logo does not imply endorsement. FDPA supports a government agency.)
May 10: Delivering a Partisan Speech to GOP Regional Meeting "Top 10 Reasons to Donate to, Volunteer with, and Vote for Eugenia Thornton for Recorder of Deeds."
March 9: Oyster Dinner Fundraiser support my Chapter 850 of VVA.  I am a Life Member of VVA, having joined the Army in 73 and witnessed and experienced how soldiers were treated back then.  Use of VVA logo does not imply endorsement.
May 15: Exciting day: my signs are here!  Campaign Sign Chair Joe Smith puts together the first one...then looks askance at 14,999 more!
May 24: Can't see my campaign button behind that big fat crab, but its there!  I'm out and about, wearing my button, engaging voters.
May 28: At Memorial Day Services with Anne Cain and others.  Anne is my Scheduler.  She also was selected to lay a wreath during the ceremony.  
May 19:  Campaign Kick Off, Preakness Party and Fundraiser.  Very pleased we raised about $3K in one fun night.  Hosted by Pat Donahue, my Treasurer in Smyrna, et al.  Featured Jennings Hastings, Heather Stetina, Brian Stetina, me, Lisa Hastings. 
May 17: Braving the pouring rain to attend Gals that Give dinner benefiting Dover Military Support and Readiness Organization.  With Rae Short.
May 17: March to 100 FUN'd Raiser Event. I have donated 3 times to this Kent County cause. NB: Use of CenDel Logo does not imply endorsement.
Enjoying lunch at JR's Wharf, showing off Bower's Beach to extended family.  
June 10:
Wicked R
Ranch, Hartly, for a fundraiser for Danyale Hall.
June 12: on my way to Dover Library where my committee will host its first meeting for 501c3 organizations that want to collaborate to keep young Delaware girls in High School to graduate. NB: Use of FFW logo does not imply endorsement.
June 13: to Rehoboth Beach to be part of a judging panel for the Community Project part of our Miss Delaware contest.  YES, I wore same outfit two days in a row!  LOL!  Use of logo does not imply endorsement.  
Wearing my button, handing out my voter at a time!
Kent Signs made this button for me in a day!  I learned I would be announced as a candidate at the Lincoln Day Dinner, so I decided right then and there to "go for it!"  Later, I changed to the more traditional red, white a blue.  No one understood the message of the state bug and the childhood rhyme, "Lady bug, lady bug, fly away home, your house is on fire and your children are gone" as being appropriate for the Recorder of Deeds...oh well!  
June 14: DFRW Reception-Dover
June 19: Speak @ 34 RD-Wyoming
June 27: CDCC Mixer-Dover
June 30: Speak @ 30 RD-Harrington
(NB: attending events does not imply endorsement by hosts)
June 21:  Modern Maturity Center Health Fair and Community Education Event during the day.  Attend the CDCC Awards Banquet at Dover Downs Convention Center in the evening.
June 23:
African American Fest on Legislative Mall, Dover with my campaign buddy, Dolly.
June 29: Non-partisan House Stealing Speech to Dover Colonial Rotary Club 0730 in the morning!  Dover
June 30: Scottish Tea Party Fundraiser - Felton
July 3: Travelling to NCC to learn more about Mortgage Fraud from one of Delaware's largest lenders.
Marching 4th of July 
with Dolly - Smyrna
July 4th Parade - State Capitol - with "Gina" the 57 Chevy who got a lot of interest.  
July 19-28: Every day at the Delaware State Fair, Rain or Shine!
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