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Kent Recorder of Deeds candidates spar over title theft prevention
--DSN Aug 25, 2018 front page & p 13
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Basically, Ms. McKenna, the incumbent Kent County Recorder of Deeds, swears that no identity theft, title or mortgage fraud or forgeries could possibly happen in her office.  

MY position is that this kind of white collar crime is happening all over the country and so it could happen here.  

I cite several things that have changed since Ms. McKenna last updated the software.  

You can look at ISSUES to find out more and see that my sources are the FBI, the Federal Trade Commission and examples from cases in New York and Montgomery County, MD.

Not mentioned in this article, but Sussex County DE is going to a system that will alert taxpayers if any changes are being made to their recorded documents.  

I would take a look at what Sussex is doing and benchmark around the country to find the best solution.  

Since the Equifax Breach in 2017, this crime has been on the rise.  

Frankly, to claim "it can't happen here" is short sighted and shows a lack of imagination about how far thieves are willing to go in our electronic age. 

It's time to look out for our taxpayers instead of expecting them to buy Title Insurance. 

Why make taxpayers pay from their pockets when the County should provide the service free?

Be sure to read page 13 where I make all my points.
Be sure to read Page 13, where I make my points.

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