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Here are a few of our favorite words of praise from our customers:

"...The young people were most appreciative of the day [CLEW] and it wouldn't have been possible without you!  You supported all my administrative needs.  From notes to my committee, to agendas, to email and traditional correspondence, to professionally designed certificates and programs, you went above and beyond the call of duty.  The committee was in awe of the job you did on the desktop publishing items--they couldn't believe they came from a computer in your home.  I'm so proud of what you did, I'm sending copies to the HOBY Corporate Headquarters...." --Clara T. 4/25/2003

"The color brochure is beautiful and [we] are very happy with it. Please order me another 150 copies, folded.  Thanks."  --Ben S. 4/3/06

"I highly recommend Herbalife and Gene Thornton to coach you through the process.  I had never dieted before I tried Herbalife because I KNEW that I wouldn't count calories and weigh my food and all that stuff that is expected when you diet.  But in April 2009, Gene introduced me to the idea of Herbalife by making a shake for me--and it tasted pretty good, and kept me full for quite a while.  I decided to go for it.  My goal was 50 pounds and as of today, September 30, 2009 I have lost 30 of that!  I had fun trying "recipes" with the shakes, and really quite like them.  I lost these 30 lbs between April 12 and June.  I maintained over the summer and am now back trying to lose the remaining 20.  Gene is a great coach.  She listens and rally makes you feel good about what you are doing, even the baby steps.  Plus, sharing my setbacks and successes with her kept me honest!  Since I live in Jersey, we exchanged emails practically every day, sharing weigh-ins, popcorn we shouldn't have eaten and wine we shouldn't have consumed (Gene says it is a lifestyle, not a diet), ideas for new shakes, and things she learned when she went through her weight loss challenge.  She listens to what you don't say too, has great insights and --without being too rah-rah, is extremely encouraging."  --Karen D. 10/30/10

"Thank you!  You were/are a terrific facilitator!  Most people find complaining easier than finding solutions to problems, but YOU guided the four groups to concrete suggestions for improvement.  These are action items which I am committed to seeing us carry out...." Terry S. 2/13/2007

Posted as a status on Facebook:  "Another great day of [dog] training" --Lance L. 12/2/09

"I wanted to let you know that Tinker and I earned our first leg in Rally Novice on Saturday...I can't wait until the next competition.  It was really fun...Thank you very, very much for all your expertise, encouragement and help!!  We couldn't have done this without you.  You are a great instructor." --Lynn S. 6/1/2008

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“Arlo passed his therapy dog test yesterday at the advanced level.  That means he did all of the commands the first time.  The test is almost identical to the CGC test, except there is no requirement for the dog and owner to separate.  In place of that behavior, the dog must pass a "noise" test.  A bunch of people make all kinds of noise, including dropping canes and books on the floor, yelling loudly, and stomping, and the dog must keep walking at heel.  We were tested with a very large and energetic Golden, and Arlo was completely unconcerned.  I think all those distractions you build into your classes had their intended effect!  I’ll be signing up for another of your classes soon.”  --  Janice H, April 2013