About Phoenix

We are an agile company whose goal is to help individuals, small businesses, clubs, local governmental agencies, non-profits, civic and veterans’ organizations function as the larger, more established concerns do.  If there is a void, we fill it until a permanent solution is found. 

Phoenix was created as a professional services company to take advantage of the considerable talent and unique skill set of its founder, Eugenia Thornton.  

In recent years, we've taken on less conventional roles such as dog training,  social media, helping clients maximize energy production for increased vitality and optimal health, and creative outlets such as public speaking and scrapbook organization tools plus a unique line of quality scrapbook papers. 

We want you to renew yourself on many levels.  Quality of Life and Balance is  as important in your personal life as it is for business concerns.

Our Founder is involved in many community activities, such as serving as a Planning Commissioner for Kent County, Immediate President of the Southern Delaware Heart and Stroke Associations, and she is also on the board of many conservation groups.

Contact us to learn more about what Phoenix can do to rejuvenate your life or your business. Thank you for visiting us.