Walk Your Dog with Love Harness

This is the BEST dog harness in the world!  No kidding. 

But before you buy it and think you will achieve walking perfection, please note that the  Walk Your Dog With Love harness is just is just a tool.

The reality is that men will still look at girls, women will still look at chocolate cake, and your dog will still look at squirrels.

The idea is we are giving folks a better handle on their dog.

NO, it is not training. A human actually has to work with their friend to do that (and as implied by our dog training business name, humans are harder to train than dogs).

That being said, it will give people more control.

Many customers also appreciate
a) how easy it is to put on,
b) that it has the 3M Scotchlite reflective material and, of course,
c) that they are not around their dog's neck, so there is no chance to choke their best friend . . . it is the compassionate choice. A good thing even for a ‘good’ dog.

Its sized by the weight of the dog.  There is only ONE way to put it on and it is obvious what the correct way is. 

Finally, it is made in the USA.

THE ORIGINAL: The durability and solid look of basic webbing in your choice of colors, 3M Scotchlite reflective material $26.95

Size guide - fit by weight:
Pink label 7-11 lbs. On the cusp? contact us
Green label 10-25 lbs. On the cusp? contact us
Yellow Label 25-55 lbs, will fit to 65 lbs
Red Label 55-110 lbs, will fit up to 120 lbs
Blue label 110 lbs - 250 plus

The Original color chart

Black Night

Deep Purple

Sky Blue

Kelly Green

Burgundy Wine

Super Red

SPORTSO DOGGO: Be seen in HUNTER ORANGE or BRIGHT PINK. High visibility, thick & heavy nylon material, soft, durable, plus 3M Scotchlite reflective material. $32.80

Sportso Doggo color chart

Hunter Orange - orange is brighter than shown

Bright Pink - pink is brighter than shown

Neon Green--the hot new fashion color!

  Don't forget to buy a 
  matching leash!

All our leashes have a swiveling, weather resistant nickel-plated snap bolt clip for secure closing on one end, and a big handle on the other end for easy holding. Like our harnesses, they are sewn with strong industrial strength three ply Tex 70 nylon thread and have dual "Boxed X" stitching at both the clip and the handle for added strength.

THE ORIGINAL LEASH: The durability and strength of Polypro webbing in your choice of colors $6.95

Sizes: 3/4 inch wide for lighter/smaller dogs, 1 inch wide for bigger dogs. Both in our 3 foot Shorty or 6 foot Classic

SPORTSO DOGGO LEASH: Visible colors in thicker, heavier, softer nylon.  $8.95

Price is determined by leash material not by length or width. 3/4 inch is for smaller dogs, the 1 inch is best for bigger dogs....or personal preference.  Both are strong.

Please contact us to tell us what colors/sizes/widths/legnths you want.  I'm sorry our website is not set up to take all the specifics, just the total amounts.  Alternately, put the color, size, leash length, leash width in the remarks section of PayPal. 
Please contact us if you have questions.

Watch this video to see how to fit the harness.

How to Walk Your Dog with Love*

Start out by using the harness in a calm / low distraction environment; this is new for both of you.

With especially energetic dogs, use this dual connection until you both feel comfortable with walking calmly

Start your walk with a "short" or a "tight" leash, without slack. Keep it taut, but don't tug!

For "good dog" walks, the leash must to be short and taut For pooping or "at ease" walks, let the leash out.

TURN by gently pulling the leash in the direction of the turn

You can also gently steer your dog into a turn

STOP by gradually slowing down as you gently tighten up the leash

SIT by gently pulling up on the leash as you give the Sit command. Give the leash some slack when the dog sits

Combine STOP and SIT into an "AUTO-SIT" so your dog automatically sits when you stop!

*our students will have lessons and practice and learn to use the clicker too.



Gabby is wearing the Hunter Orange Sportso Doggo, Micki is wearing the Burgundy Wine original WYDWL harnesses.  Brandy is wearing the black WYDWL Harness.  These two dogs could not be walked in tandem before this harness.  In Micki's case, the harness replaced a prong collar and--for the first time--no pulling on morning walks. Micki's mom loves it because of the no pulling, at long last, and because of the great relationship it helps to build and maintain.  Both Vizslas are wearing 25 to 55lb size.
Dana wears WYDWL