Scrapbook Papers and Kits--Featuring the Scrapbooker's Painted Page

We are proud to offer quality scrapbook papers from Jennan Enterprises LLC.  These hand painted scrapbook papers are truly unique limited editions. There are more than 300 designs from which to choose as well as matching embellishments. They make scrapbooking easy and a lot of fun.

We also have a large selection of cardstock colors to coordinate with any project. All of our products are acid free, lignin free, made using recycled paper, and made right here in the USA.

Our smooth paper works GREAT in pazzles and Cricuts!

All orders are shipped within 1 to 3 days of your order being placed.

Click below to see what we have to offer!

A word about shipping:  Shipping figures are an estimate.  If there is a difference of more than $5.00 I will refund or send invoice for the difference.  In general, you can save money on shipping by buying a larger amount since sending one page can be as much as sending many more.   

Lower prices available for bulk orders of same paper in multiples of 25 for Painted Pages/Shimmer/Leatherette and multiples of 50 for cardstock.

When purchasing from me, please email me the colors and types you want, include your mailing address.  You can pay on this page using Pay Pal or I can take credit card info over the phone. Checks are welcome, but I will not process your order until your check has cleared, so that is the slower method. 

Feel free to visit the manufacturer's website to "window shop" for your paper.  Then email me and tell me what to order and who to ship it to.  I will need your phone number to arrange for payment, as described in paragraph above.  Because you will pay for shipping from the paper mill to your home, I will pass my savings in shipping along to you and only charge you 75 cents (vs. 99) per sheet of painted paper.  Everyone wins on this deal. 

If you have any questions or if you prefer to order over the phone just Contact us!

​Ps....PLEASE don't be afraid to use this beautiful paper.  Some buy it and just admire it as it is.  Here is a video that shows you some ways to use the paper. 

The layout on the left was done from a Scrapbooker's Painted Page kit.  Everything but the pictures and the Venture Crew logo came in the kit. The layout on the right I designed myself using one Canoe for Rent painted page and two pieces of smooth cardstock.