Regional Planning Commissioner

The Regional Planning Commission is a seven member body, each member appointed by a Levy Court Commissioner from their respective Levy Court District.

Levy Court Commissioner Eric Buckson appointed Gene Thornton as Kent County Regional Planning Commissioner for 4th District in January 2005

The Regional Planning Commission serves as the recommending body to the Levy Court for Rezonings, Text Amendments, Changes to the Comprehensive Plan, and Conditional Uses. They hold their normally scheduled Public Hearing the first Thursday of each month and their Business Meeting the second Thursday of each month, unless a combined agenda has been prearranged.

The meetings are held in the Levy Court Chambers, Room 203 of the Kent County Administrative Complex, 555 Bay Road, Dover, DE 19901 at 7:00 pm unless another time is specified.

The public is welcome to attend, even if they are not involved with any specific application. 

Denise Kaercher - 1st District
Bill Holmes - Chairperson - 2nd District
David L. Bonar - 3rd District
Gene Thornton - 4th District
Richard Maly - 5th District
Bill Jester - Vice Chairperson - 6th District
Raymond Pusey - At Large District

Commissioner Thornton welcomes contact from Kent County residents about general zoning and planning issues.  Regarding specific cases that appear before the RPC, Thornton abides by “Sunshine Laws” set forth in the Kent County Code.  That is, conversations will be disclosed and no promises can be made since her decision cycle extends until her vote is actually cast.

Commissioner Thornton relies heavily on the latest Kent County Comphrehensive Plan to guide her decisionmaking. 

Find out more about the Comphrehensive Plan by clicking here.