Our Professional Services Company

Phoenix was founded in Vienna, VA in 1998.  Our office moved to its current location near Frederica, Delaware in May 2000.

Our forte is public relations and organizational effectiveness, but we also offer support in preparation of reports, briefings, and classes. 

We perform a variety of administrative tasks ranging from preparing legal documents to desk top publishing.  We can arrange an entire day of speakers for a conference or orchestrate your special event. 

We coach leaders to handle the media, write press releases and help get the word out about your event.  We assist with bad news planning. 

We facilitate small group discussions and improve customer relations. 

We assist political campaigns.  We have extensive experience in grassroots efforts.

We help nonprofits attract and keep volunteers while having fun raising money. 

Like this website?  We built it using inexpensive, readily available software. Let us build one for you and you won't have to hire a webmaster to maintain it: you can update it yourself.

Our goal is to remain agile enough to adapt to almost any request for assistance.  We will, literally, try anything at least once!

We also believe in personal attention as well as flexible hours.  Thus, we generally only take one client with one task at a time.  

Our clients have come back to us time and time again for a variety of short term needs, and that is how we like it.