The founder of Phoenix became an Independent Herbalife Distributor in March 2010 when her weight began to become a health concern.  Blood sugar was too high, waistline too big (a large waist is a predictor of heart problems in women), once low blood pressure now borderline high, and liver beginning to show stress from cholesterol meds.  In addition, she required a CPAP machine at night to keep her blood oxygen from reaching dangerously low levels while she slept.

Old bad habits are hard to break, but adding Herbalife products seemed to make it easier.  Gene lost ten pounds quickly and and safely, then begin adding products to benefit her heart and skin.

Herbalife is a lifesyle change for Gene, one she is finally able to stick with and actually enjoy.  Two shakes a day, a snack, and a colorful meal at night fit into her lifestyle. 

At age 60, Gene finally took control and putt her health as her top priority.

Of course, she is still Gene, so she rose to Supervisor level in her first 8 months with Herbalife.

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To order products, please consider using Gene as your intermediary. 
  • Use the "Contact Us" page to call or email Gene to place a product order today. 
  • She will become your personal wellness coach to help you make informed decisions on which Herbalife products are right for you. 
  • She will order the products for you and ship them to you, no matter where you live in the US or in more than 70 other countries.
  • If you are interested in being a Distributor, Gene can help with that as well.
Karen, 44, April 2010
Karen, 45, Feb 2011
Left: Gene Aug 09 and Jul 10 (began Herbalife Mar 10)
Right: Karen Apr 10 and Feb 11 (began Herbalife April 10)