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We work with Best Crafts to bring you the best in crafting organizers.    Units can be purchased as a "kit" or you can custom design your own.  There are three colors, white, maple and walnut.  Drawers come in two colors, white and black.  The components can be interchanged and the furniture works with each other, for example, the mini will roll under the desk top.

Please contact us for more information on the furnature.  In the meanwhile, here are some frequently asked questions:


Q: What are the cabinets made of?

A: Cabinets are made from durable 3/4" thick thermofused melamine.

Cabinets come in either Maple, (color shown) Walnut, or White.

Cabinets are also California ARB compliant.

Q: How sturdy are the cabinets?

A:  The Mini-Stackables are manufactured to easily support about 100 lbs.

Our product comes with a 1-Year Warranty.

Q: What are the drawers made of?

A: The drawers are manufactured of injected, high impact polypropylene plastic making them very durable.

Q: How much weight can the drawers hold?

A: All three sizes of drawers can hold up to 5lbs of weight. Making them a great storage solution for heavy metal punches, glass seed beads and other crafting tools.

Q: Will the drawers hold my 12" Scrapbook Paper?

A: The dimensions of the inside of the drawers will allow you to hold paper up to a maximum size of 11 7/8" x 12 7/8". (30cm x 32.5cm). If your paper is larger then this the edges will curl slightly. The 1" drawer will hold up to approx. 50 sheets of paper, the 2" drawer will hold approx. 150 sheets of paper and the 3½" drawer will hold approx. 200 sheets of paper.

Our paper shelves have been designed primarily to hold your scrapbook papers but be sure to insert them at an angle. Paper shelves have been created to be stationary. If you would like them to be able to slide you can purchase drawer rails to install instead of the metal dowels.

Q: Will the drawers pull completely out of the cabinet?

A: The drawers and rails have been created with a drawer stop which will prevent the drawer from sliding out. If you toggle the drawer left then right it will come completely out. The left and right rails have two small knobs one on top of the other that can be filed down to eliminate this resistance.

Q: Will my stamps fit into the 1" Drawers?

A: The 1" drawers will fit any standard rubber mounted stamp and the 2" drawer will allow them to be double stacked. If you have the Stampin' Up stamps and would like to keep them in their packages they will not fit into the 1' drawers.

To determine how many of your stamps will fit into the drawers, simply use a 12" x 12" paper and lay your stamps out on top. This will give you an idea of how many drawers to purchase.

Q: How big are the compartments in the inserts?

A: The 1" Insert is 12¾" x 11¾" and has 30 - 2" x 2" x 1" compartments, and is designed to fit inside the 1" Drawer.

The 2" Insert is 12¾" x 11¾" and has 15 - 2" x 3¾" x 2" compartments, and is designed to fit inside the 2" Drawer.

At this time we do not have inserts for the 3½" drawers, although you can place a 2" insert inside with a 1" insert on top.

Inserts are manufactured from clear, semi-rigid plastic.

Q: Does a Single Mini fit under the desk?

A: Yes, we have designed this unit to be able to roll under the desk for easy storage. As well, because the desk is finished nicely on the back you may use it as an island and store 2 Single Minis under at the back facing out.

Q: Can I use these cabinets to store items other than craft supplies?

A: Yes of course. These cabinets are great to organize and store all types of household items like;

Barbie dolls and clothes
Children's toys
Doll Clothes
Baby Clothes
Bathroom items
Fishing tackle
Nuts, bolts and screws

Q. Can I adjust the Tuckaway Shelf?

A. The top shelf on the Tuckaway will adjust from a space of 2½" to 7½". This allows you to customize the space under the shelf to hold all types of craft supplies.

Q. Will the color and/or dye lot vary on the Wood products?

A. Yes, color and/or dye lot may vary. Every effort is made to ensure the occurance in color and/or dyelot variations are as minimal as possible, however this is a common occurance as we receive product at different times and from different factories, in our effort to ensure a regular supply of product.

Q: Do the cabinets come put together?

A: No, once you receive your cabinet you will need to assemble it.  The cabinets are assembled by using a cam bolt and locking system. All you will need is a #3 (large) Phillips head ("X") or slotted screwdriver to put your unit together.

Q: What are the size of the slots in the PortaINK?

A: The Dimensions with out the Ink Pad Inserts are: 1" high x 3 7/8" wide x 4 1/2" deep.

The Dimensions with the Ink Pad inserts are: 1" high x 3 7/8" wide x 2 7/8" deep.

The Ink Pad inserts will create a false back to your slot allowing the smaller ink pads to stay to the front of your unit.

Q: Do I need the ink pad inserts for my PortaINK?

A: You only need the Ink Pad inserts if your ink pads are smaller in size. Below is a list of ink pads that will fit better with the Inserts.

Stamp It TM
Archival TM
VersaMark TM
VersaColor TM
Sea Brights
Picture Perfect TM
Distress Ink by Ranger TM
Ancient Page
Ancient Page mini (2 per slot)
Darcies Ink It Up
Ranger TM
Dee Gruening Blending Box
Sea Brights
Smaller/older style inkpads from Stampin' Up TM
smaller/older style Exclusive Inks TM from Close to my Heart
Please Note: The ColorBox (thick style) will not fit in the PortaInks.

You can always measure the ink pads you would like to store and then check the dimensions above to see if your ink pads need an insert or not.

Q: What are the size of the slots in the Marker Buddy?

A: The Marker Buddy slots are each 5/8" wide by 5/8" tall and 4 5/8" deep.

Q: How do I determine how many drawers to order?

A: Each cabinet has a specific amount of spaces to fill. Each drawer or shelf will take up a certain amount of spaces in your cabinet. Use the guide below to determine how many of each size drawer will fit into your unit.

Single Mini - 19 spaces to fill.

Double Mini - 38 spaces to fill.

Triple Large Unit - 90 spaces to fill. (30 spaces per section)

Crafters Desk - 40 spaces to fill. (20 spaces per side)

Hutch for Desk - 24 spaces to fill. (12 spaces per side)

White Cube - 8 spaces to fill.

Tuckaway - 20 spaces to fill. (10 spaces per side)

1" Drawer - Uses 1 space

2" Drawer - Uses 2 spaces

3.5" Drawer - Uses 3 spaces

Paper Shelf - Uses 1 space in unit

* You may want to leave 1 space empty in your unit when ordering paper shelves. This will allow them to sit on a slight angle.

eg. Single Mini with all paper shelves will hold 18 not 19.

Q: How do I choose the right combination for my storage needs?

A: The "BEST" craft organizer system has been designed to be modular so that you can select the combination that best suits your storage needs.

The 1" Drawers are great for rubber mounted stamps, projects on the go, small tools and punches, etc.

The 2" Drawers work well for larger tools and punches, storage boxes, etc.

The 3½" Drawers can hold fat quilting quarters, tools that won't fit in the 2" drawer, yarn, books, etc.

The Paper Shelves are designed to hold approx. 50 sheets of cardstock. These are a stationary shelf, they do not slide like the drawers.

Our 1" and 2" Inserts are a great addition to separate and organize smaller items like; beads, findings, eyelets, brads, ribbon, charms, etc.

Q: How will my order be shipped?

A: US orders are shipped FedEx ground. Canadian orders are shipped by either Purolator or FedEx ground. If we have your email address, Tracking numbers will be provided as a confirmation once the product has been processed for shipment.

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Q: How long will it take to receive my order?

A: Once you have placed your order it will usually take 1-4 business days in house to process and then an additional 5 - 10 business days for shipping. When you place your order you should expect to receive it within approx. 1 - 2 weeks. You will be notified by email of any back orders.
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