Store Your Stickles in Style!

Not too much to say about this product except "WOW!"  and "It's about TIME!"

Comes in a package of 3.  Each holds 10 tiny bottles upside down.  Total of 30 you can go out and get MORE stickles!  As if you needed an excuse.

Without cover on, makes a great way to store your glues and inks and other items that do well when kept bubble free by storing them upside down. 

Coming soon, a You Tube about this, but really, there is nothing to say except the aforementioned "WOW!".

Seems a bit pricey (and it is shipped from Canada, eh?) until you get the product in your hands and see how well it is made.  Should last forever.  Molded  Handy.  Gotta have it!

Less here than anywhere else!  Limited quantities.  Order your set of 3 now!