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We can make hundreds of custom titles and die cuts.  We can combine die cuts with titles.  We can size to your needs.  We generally use Prismagic Paper (smooth) in more than 60 colors.  This paper is 65 lb weight and made in the USA. 

Shown below are titles and dies from a Crop Classix event in January 2013.  The bottom two examples show a custom size/colored pocket for journaling and an interactive flap (on the side because it was a CM album) to display several 5 x7 pictures on one page.

We can also draw and print journaling /single stroke lines to add a homemade touch (IF your handwriting and drawing skills were perfect, that is!).  Click here to see available jounaling fonts.

Title Fonts...The Pazzels uses any True Type Font, so if you have it on your PC, we can cut it.  Be reasonable, of course, not all fonts will cut well, which you can see by looking at them.  Also, if you want them to be "welded" (joined), it is best to select a font that has serifs.  A fun thing that can be done, is to twist and turn, raise and lower the various letters.  This makes the title unique to your page and it also allows for welding when otherwise the letters might be "mushed" together.

Yet another cool technique is to replace one or more letters with die cuts.

It is also possible to attached die cuts to the title in some way. 

Letters can go horizontal, vertical or in a circle or other shape.  Its easiest to call to discuss before the title is cut out.

Click here to see some of the more popular fonts suitable for cutting.

Click each of the types of die cuts listed here to see what is avaiilable:
AdventureCutting Around the World, Paper Lace, and Swirls & Twirls.

Mail order will include Postage/Packaging costs.   Unfinished projects accepted at crops will be mailed at no cost. 

Order form may be downloaded and faxed or scanned and emailed.

10% DISCOUNT will be awarded for those who pre-purchase die cuts and titles for crops. 

More fonts, dies, art possible.  Contact us to discuss.
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