Tools by ContainYa Crafts

I am proud to be affiliated with these great tools to make a scrapper and paper crafter's life easier and more artistic!  Renew Yourself through Creativity!

Scrap'n Easel:  Magnetic portable Versatile Angled Work Surface, below.

Scrap'n Tote: Cricut cartridge storage system that can hold 36 cartridges, above right.

Easel-ette Card Crafter: above left, this 75 year old card maker exclaimed "it was the first time I woke up after cropping all day without a sore neck.  I love it!"

Clip on Lights:  See last, under for photos and descriptions.

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My price is designed to beat the manufacturer's suggested retail price. For example: Scrap'n Easel is $79.99 on the ContainYa Crafts website.   My regular price is  $65.00 each and every day, plus shipping.  I will sell Scrap'n Tote for $65.00 vs. price on ContainYa Craft Website of $89.99.  Delaware is tax free, if you can pick up at a crop or at my office you can save yourself some money.

A word about shipping charges:  My charges assume your package will weigh between 11 and 20 lbs and they are calculated on the low side.  If there is more than a $5 difference in actual shipping charges, you may receive a refund or an additional bill. 

To order ContainYa Craft products I do not carry, or to take advantage of any on-going sales or bundles by the manufacturer, please click the below link. 
See for yourself, below, how Scrap'n Easel made my page better
Making Paper Crafting Better in Ways You Never Thought Possible!

Using the Scrap'n Easel in its "work" mode, I can easily line up titles and photo mats to get my design the way I want it.  The Easel comes with a magnetic backed flexible ruler and removable grids to make this super easy.
Now you may like the sunflower, and that is totally up to you, but with the Scrap'n Easel you can decide what is most important and change things until they seem perfect to you!

Isn't that what scapbooking is all about? 

The one thing that would make this whole story more perfect in my view, is if I had a light...and guess what?  The folks at ContainYa Crafts have just brought several models out. 

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There are two lights, the one at the left and the jumbo shown in photo below.  Both run on batteries OR electricity.  Both come in niftly little pouch to tuck into your travel pack.

I will give you 10% discount if you order a light at same time you order an easel, either the Scrap'n Easel or the Easel-ette card crafter model.

Check out my video, below, showing that even a hurricane didn't keep me from scrapping, even though it had to be done outside.
But when I saw the layout the next day, I realized that the bright sunflower was taking away from the cute ant.  And it really didn't tell the story in pictures of the doggy relay race my dog did so well in.  My journaling was all about the dogs and how they won 4 ribbons that day.  Because I had the Scrap'n Easel and I had left the pictures on with magnets instead of glue, I was able to change the photo to get the attention on the dogs while showcasing the cute 3D ant!
I wish I could say that I designed this page myself, but it was a kit I purchased from a vendor at the CKC Convention in Valley Forge, August 2011.  (To order for yourself, go to  This was the first time I had ever Paper Pieced and I was pretty proud of myself.  I was also proud of the beautiful photo I took of the sunflower growing in the field beside the dock at the Delmarva Dock Dog Summer Picnic and Doggy Olympics. 
I use the super strong magnets that come in the kit to hold things just where I want them (or to slide them around, if I'm not sure).  They hold firm with several layers of paper while I affix the mats permanently with glue.