The Anxiety Wrap and The Calming Face Wrap

The Anxiety Wrap is the original Wrap and has been on the market for over 10-years. It is personally recommended by veterinarians, trainers, Ttouch, groomers and kennels.  The Anxiety Wrap's effectiveness has been studied by Dr. Nicholas Dodman at Tufts University for dogs suffering with storm fear and had a 89% success rate. 

The Anxiety Wrap works via maintained pressure and acupressure. The fabric is lightweight and breathable, completely non-restrictive and provides more body coverage, which means more maintained pressure.  It comes with 2-awareness straps, attachable and detachable. These straps bring awareness to the dog's hindquarter where dogs often store stress and fear.  Although the Anxiety Wrap itself fits snugly it is completely comfortable.  The awareness straps fit comfortably loose - never tight - and are there to bring awareness to the dog.  We offer, free of charge, support should it be necessary, but in the case of storm fear it's usually not needed.  Put the Anxiety Wrap on your dog and that's it.

We offer for owners of dogs who suffer severe storm fear or unwanted barking the Calming Face Wrap, which is NOT a muzzle in any way.  It's completely comfortable and in fact the dog could easily paw it off, but usually does not until after the storm has passed.  It also works via maintained pressure and 2-acupressure points.  The first acupressure point is over the bridge of the dog's nose and the second one at the back of the dog's head.  The Face Wrap is used in conjunction with the Anxiety Wrap when if the dog is severely thunder phobic or in the case of the dog climbing upward (on tables or mantles) barking or chasing the storm through the house.  

The Anxiety Wrap may also be used as a cooling agent by wetting it in cool water and kept dampened. This is done when using the Anxiety Wrap on a dog to work outside dog to dog reaction, gain confidence in different environments, fearful of traffic, gaining confidence on agility equipment, etc.  It's so comfortable that during our testing we ran dogs in agility and even had them swim while wearing their Anxiety Wraps with absolutely no problems!

The only dogs it is not recommended to be used on are dogs that live their lives outside and unsupervised.

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Anxiety Wrap Sizes
Calming Face Wrap Sizes
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